It’s pretty much a constant companion in modern life, but stress doesn’t have to rule your life. There are ways to reduce the impact it has on your life, and one of those ways is the practice of mindfulness.

3 ways Mindfulness can reduce your stress.

1)  Reclaims your Focus

2)  Regains your Calm & Peace

3)  Regains Self, a return to yourself, where you can feel you again

Mindfulness practice is simple however you must take time to practice it & be with it.

Mindfully doing an activity & being totally present in doing an activity such as writing an email, doing the dishes & being totally present with the person you are speaking with, engaging in.

Calm & Peace, is something we all lose when we get too busy & the world around us feels so harsh.

Calm & Peace is something we practice in time we cultivate & become. The more we feel calm, the more we feel peace the more we are able to experience this feeling & be present with this feeling.

Breathing techniques & breathing exercises are a great way to feel calm & peaceful in a fast way you are able to bring this in to your day.

sometimes when we are so busy we can loose the sense of ourselves, of who we are & just get lost in our roles, in our jobs.

We forget the essence of ourselves. And for some of us this can be very painful when we have lost a job, a partner etc, because we attached our identity with that person, with that job etc.

Practicing Regaining Self & allowing yourself to be yourself in something you enjoy & love is part of mindfulness training. Allowing this presence of space for you to grow into & just be for a while.