Eat Your Way to Gut-Health- a simple practical easy to use cookbook

Restore good Gut-Health through the foods you eat daily

The KEY Benefits of Gut-Health and Why you should be considering this daily?

Your gut needs to repair and heal from all the poor eating choices, the medication, the excess alcohol, the excess junk foods etc.. this is a small list of the things which you may not be doing right by your gut

  • You are feeling bloated, gassy, windy, constipated
  • You are feeling heart burn, reflux, indigestion
  • You are suffering from stomach pains, diarrhoea, vomiting
  • You are fatigued, have low energy, depressed even
  • You are getting every cold, flu, virus under the sun
  • You just can’t seem to get a good week where you feel right

These signs/symptoms are all related to bad health, poor gut function and it’s time you start addressing the gut before some other major symptoms and diseases start manifesting within your body

  • This simple practical easy to use cookbook is a great kitchen aid, it’s a little miracle cookbook
  • which has all the things you need to know about gut health
  • Practical Helpful Supportive
  • Preparation Ingredients outlined
  • Pantry List outlined
  • Foods to include each day for each meal
  • A list of prebiotic foods
  • Recipes for prebiotic foods, sauces and condiments
  • Nutrient dense soups for enhancing nutrient absorption through the gut
  • Mineral dense broths for aiding gut repair
  • Energy production foods
  • Live Enzymes, Live food ingredients
  • Revive your Flora for achieving greater Immune function

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