Nutrition is so much more that just the food we eat.

Our diets impact us in so many ways, from our mood to our skin, our joints to our weight, but one of the most overlooked areas of nutrition, is it’s impact on our digestive system.

The best way to explain this is if you are eating a high amount of junk food each day & aren’t eating foods which are actually required by your body & brain then what will happen is that your health will be compromised in a real way.

The compromise at first may seem small, however left untreated this can become a big problem for you.

small changes practiced daily add to big changes over that week, that month, that year. It’s important to remember that one small positive change adds to the next small positive change, each step does in fact create your staircase to good digestive health.

The 5 key things to focus on for Good Digestive Health are:

1)  Good Gut Flora – prebiotic & probiotic foods such as cabbage

2)  Good metabolism – eating foods to fire up your metabolism such as ginger & red peppers

3)  Enzymes, these come from eating fresh whole-foods such as fresh vegetables

4)  Hydration, water, drinking 8 glasses of water per day

5)  Fibre, having adequate fibre to allow for waste to eliminate & leave your body daily