Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer- Fusion Yoga Pilates

  • Pilates Reformer Movement is about achieving Balance & experiencing Complete Body Training. Movement targeting every body part & every muscle group. Repertoire is pre-planned; each session is a continuation of the next. Training levels range in technicality & therefore are categorised into levels starting from Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced levels.
  • Technical movements encourage better posture for everyday living which means less body aches & pains. When our bodies operate in perfect posture, correct alignment is achieved & our bodies then can handle & deal with the stresses & strains of daily life. This exercise system prevents the accumulation of stress in your body and also assists the body in releasing & strengthening.
  • Stretching & Strengthening. Reformer stretches as well as strengthens your body in a way which is even of more benefit than going to the gym & doing weights. The reason is that you are always supported & guided through your exercise. Movement on the machine is smooth, not jerky, less injury which means better results, in less time. You get a leaner body, meaning less bulk, less fat.

Semi – Private Classes – Times & Venue

TUESDAY 6:30pm Class


Class Description: Format is Pilates Reformer, Strengthening & Toning Class. Core Strength is the main focus & other areas are pelvic floor muscles. Upper body restrengthening while using pilates props such as Magic Circles, Cardio Tramp, Spring Board, Weights & Pilates Physio Roller.

Suit all levels of fitness, individual upfront consultation recommended upon commencement, benefits include a tailored approach to your pilates workout.

Maximum of 5 per class
Address: 1 McCauley Street Thirroul NSW 2515
Classes get booked 1 month in advance