Personalised Training

  • Rosa has worked with athletes from high level Football, Olympic athletes with core conditioning.
  • She has been working in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Illawarra Region of Wollongong, NSW Australia.
  • An Australian Athletics Coach.
  • Rosa has worked with the Illawarra Dragons, teaching Yoga to help with performance and conditioning of the body. It’s important any level to balance strength with flexibility. You are more balanced if you train this way and less likely to injure your body.


  • RE-SHAPE your body. You work at 90-100% of your total effort possible. Working at this rate has produced major breakthroughs for clients; here you will be exposed to the secrets of naturally sculpting your body. Your trainer takes you to a place where your body hasn’t been before.
  • You are pushed to your limits and beyond all your mind-set limits. You are advised to consult with your GP before starting this program. This program is strict 100% commitment to training, homework, diet and nutrition, rest and relaxation, recovery and sports supplementation. As all areas affect the outcome, which is your training results.


  • RE-SHAPE is a 3-month minimum term program.
  • Results are guaranteed when clients follow all aspects of the training program.
  • Rosa encourages you to “build your dream body”, as the rewards far exceed the efforts. RE-SHAPE is ultimately a journey about REGAINING yourself.
  • The program will take you on a journey where you will find balance in your diet, nutrition, health and fitness levels. You will find yourself having more energy to give to things in your life, instead of just feeling tired on the lounge.
  • More Energy, less dragging your feet.
  • It is about RE-SHAPING your life, feeling EMPOWERED to make a positive change in your Life