Motivational Coach

Empowering yourself is the greatest gift.

  • Struggle to motivate yourself?
  • Across 50 Workshops, research suggests that for every person the underlying issue is the same.
  • Yes you said it! How many times in your day, your week do you do this?


  • Across 12 years, Rosa has developed a remarkable set of techniques through affirmations that resonate with your very soul, very being.
  • To start and continue your journey of self-realisation and contentment. Actually living the life that you want to live.
  • Rosa has travelled to South-East Asia, including Singapore, India, Thailand, Europe and the US, Palm Springs.
  • Rosa is dedicated to continual growth, evolving with changes, she travels to Byron Bay annually on teacher workshops, committing herself to learning & bringing key areas to help change the lives of her clients.
  • Since 2003, she has been changing people’s lives for the better through her perceptive, insightful personal coaching style.

EXPLORE: Find your own motivation

  • Let Rosa teach you how to reach your motivation, get back in touch with who you truly are.

There is no better time than now!