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Flowing, Rhythmic, Energetic and Centred

Rosa Bunn is a certified Pilates Reformer & Pilates Mat Level 2 Teacher. Yoga Level 2 Teacher. Meditation Guide, Mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama Breathing, Yoga Nidra. Herbalist. Nutritionist. Preventative Healthcare Practitioner.

Rosa First started to practice Yoga in Asia, whilst living in Singapore and travelling to India and Thailand where she attended a conference to meet The Dalai Lama, she has received the great blessing of Shaktipat Deeksha through Siddha Meditation and Intensives. She has travelled extensively as a student of Yoga, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine & Mindset. She has invested in Overseas Work Conferences in the US, India & Singapore, training with amazing well known Gurus & established professionals including Pilates Guru- Mari Winsor whilst in Palm Springs US, Deepak Chopra in San Diego, Airel Ford. She has also worked with an amazing Life Coach who specializes in Neurolinguist Programming, Rik Schnabel

Mari Winsor, “is an incredible woman who was trainer by the traditional teaching of Sir Joseph Pilates School, she has basically transformed the Dance world through her knowledge of Pilates as a Conditioning Discipline. Her knowledge, her application is beyond anything I have ever experinced! Ever! And she is still expanding her studios right across the US. I was so excited in meeting her & when she asked me where I was from…well she couldn’t believe I made that level of commitmenet to see her for 4 days, I don’t know from then on who was more excited”

Deepak Chopra, “What can I say about this man?” He holds a few medical degrees, has brothers teaching at Harvard University, has created amazing clinics & centres across the US & India to treat patients with all sorts of diseases. His knowledge of “presence” is refreshingly breath-taking. He is a grandfather figure of meditation teachings & has the power to transform anyones views, circumstances & story-telling beliefs that we could possibily hold for ourselves. Deepak is transformational just by his presence. He attracts such great teachers & I am so amazed at the opportunity i was given to attend the Chopra Centre in San Diego. Something I will remember for years to come & I hope to share this joy, this love, his teachings right here in my own home town”

Aierl Ford, “The LOVE Guru, for sure 100% the LOVE Guru, she is powerfully gorgeous! Her insights spot on! Her language LOVE, always. Amazing strength shown through the power of loving yourself. Learning LOVE languages, learning about yourself, LOVING yourself completely before loving another. How to love another, the dance of love, the dance of partnerships, love her!”

Rik Schabel, “Wow, he is my first Guru, because he saved me from a house of pain. Rik was the very first person to show me how meditation can assist our bodies into a new state of being. Rik showed me & helped me tap into this state & for the very first time 2 years I felt 5mins pain-free. This was the start of my journey into meditation, into yoga, into pilates, the teachers came after this experience & these whole other new doors opened up to me. I am forever greatful to this man for leading me to where I am today. This process has been a long journey. I am not afraid to say it wasn’t easy, I am not afraid to say that I have invested highly in this, I have & I am so proud of myself for doing so. I have a body that is functionally in the best way for all the car accidents, injuries, surgeries I have endured. The body has tremendous healing abilities, we need the knowledge to direct it”

Rosa has worked towards creating an open mind and acceptance for all religions and faiths, and says that there is a common link in that;

we seek goodness, love, understanding and inner-peace. Being spirtual is beyond any religion, its a way of conduct, a way of life, its practising from a place of love, open heart & compassion.